Catherine Zatkoff

About Catherine

Catherine specializes in working with clients that have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or substances. For these clients, she administers substance use evaluations and provides clients with evaluation reports for their court hearings. She also works with clients who are applying to get their driver’s license privileges back by providing reports to the SOS hearing officers when her clients are applying to restore their licenses. Catherine has more than 6 years of experience in conducting drug/alcohol evaluations and has been able to help many of her clients get the results they need.

Catherine started her career as a probation officer in Macomb County for 9 years where she was able to make substantial and long-lasting relationships with many judges and lawyers in the Macomb County court system. She then attended Wayne State University where she received a master’s degree in Counseling from the School of Education and her School Counselor Licensure Endorsement. After receiving her degree, Catherine became a high school counselor where she worked with over 350 students for 13 years. Catherine ultimately started her own practice specializing in DUI work and driver’s license restoration. She has been successful in this field of her practice for the last 6 years.

Areas of Expertise

Substance Use Evaluations

Catherine works diligently with each lawyer that is involved with her client's case. She does a thorough substance use assessment that includes a letter of recommendation and makes the appropriate treatment plan for the court to take into consideration. 


License Restoration Work​

Catherine truly cares about her clients and works hard for each of them. She realizes that each client is different and her evaluations are based on the interview she has with them, reviewing their driving record/criminal history, and by taking an extensive look at their alcohol and substance use history. Catherine works in tandem with the client's lawyer to complete the application for the license restoration hearing. Together they make sure that all documents and dates are accurate She has a great success rate in helping get her client's driver's license reinstated. 

DUI Restoration