Catherine Zatkoff Testimonials


Catherine has built a great reputation with her past clients as well as lawyers in Macomb and Wayne County.

See what colleagues and clients have to say who have worked with Catherine over the years.

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Attorney Tanya Grillo

"My clients trust me to provide them with the resources to improve their lives. Over the last decade, I have assisted many who have been charged with OWIs and lost their licenses in Michigan. Catherine Zatkoff has extensive experience in both the court system as a probation officer and as a LPC/substance abuse counselor. Her ability to connect and build relationships with clients has been an invaluable resource as we fight to restore rights."


Attorney Matthew Rumora

"Catherine has done many substance use evaluations for my clients that have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or substances. She provides a non-judgmental atmosphere, conducts a thorough substance use evaluation, while making recommendations to the court based on the results of the evaluation. Catherine also works with clients that are applying to get their driving privileges back. She has had great success in that area and many of her clients are happy to say that she helped them get their licenses restored."


David R. Draper, Esq.

"Catherine has helped many of my clients work through issues that ultimately led to their arrest. Besides helping them personally, Catherine's reputation is well-known in courthouses throughout Southeast Michigan. Recently, I submitted a Substance Abuse Evaluation that Catherine had prepared for a client and the judge accepted it rather than having my client submit to a pre-investigation. Catherine is an excellent practitioner and I would recommend her unequivocally."

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A Grateful Client

"I began seeing Catherine for therapy after my fourth DUI in May of 2016. By retaining her services, I found out about the Sobriety Court program with the 39th District Court. She worked with my attorney to get me accepted to that program which allowed for me to have no jail time and to get a restricted license after 45 days in the program. I completed the Sobriety Court program in February of 2018 and continued seeing Catherine for therapy on a weekly/monthly basis throughout that time and into 2019 when it was time for me to apply to get my full license reinstated. Catherine again coordinated with my attorney and completed my Substance Abuse Evaluation which is required for the DLAD License Hearing. She helped to make sure all of my paperwork was in order for my hearing and I was granted my full license from that hearing in July of 2019. I could not have made it through all of this without Catherine. She is a wonderful person and therapist, and a great person to have in your corner."

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A Grateful Client

"Following an arrest for a DUI, the Court ordered weekly counseling with Catherine Zatkoff. I found Catherine to be non-judgmental and supportive, allowing for open communication. Catherine made me feel like we were a team, working together, to get me through a difficult and painful experience. I would recommend Catherine Zatkoff to anyone looking for a Counselor who is a kind, true professional."


Camilla Barkovic, Esq. 

Chelsea Battin, Paralegal 

"Any time our office has a client that is in need of a Substance Abuse Evaluation and/or a continued treatment recommendation, for anything from a driver's license restoration to sentencing for a criminal matter, we send them right over to Catherine because we trust they will be taken care of. Catherine has integrity, is thorough and efficient, and her opinions are highly respected in the courts! She genuinely empathizes with her patients and is loyal in her commitments in improving their quality of life. We truly appreciate all the wonderful things she has done for our clients over the years!"